Southlake Ford dealer

Our team met up with the Southlake Ford (18001 Leslie St, Newmarket) auto professionals and trained them to use our new Atomizer system from SATA with the no-rinse or wipe and organic solution, called SaniDate® 5.0, from BioSafe Systems.

We explain how safe this chemical is.

SaniDate® 5.0 is certified to contain only organic ingredients and leaves no harmful residual behind. As a broad-spectrum disinfectant it is also used in the agricultural/food industry for the treatment and processing of fruits and vegetables, as a disinfectant on processing and packaging lines, and for the sanitizing of tableware.

We visited Summit Ford (12 Carrier Dr, Etobicoke) and presented our state of the art COVID-19 cleaning system to the team. Watch the video below:

WeCleanCovid19 presentation at Southlake Ford

We presented our corona-virus killing system to SouthLake Ford (18001 Leslie St, Newmarket) and Summit Ford (12 Carrier Dr, Etobicoke) and was met with great enthusiasm and a sense of urgency from the autos teams. The staff asked us important questions and were excited about the concept, showing that they truly care about finding the best methods to keep customers and staff safe. 

We are proud to announce that both dealers have decided to use our environmentally friendly industrial strength cleaners created by us in partnership with BioSafe Systems and found on EPA’s List N as a disinfectant for use against SARS-CoV2, and the delivery mechanism created by us in partnership with SATA that vaporizes the solution and delivers a perfect enveloping  layer on any surface.     

The wonderful people at these dealerships are ready to implement the best cleaning system in the correct way in order to battle SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, and will be receiving their systems within the week. Their clients will be able to get into their cars with confidence, knowing that all surfaces have been properly cleaned.

We would like to thank the professionals at Southlake Ford and Summit Ford for your trust and dedication in fighting Covid-19 with us!